What has happened and what will occur in the line of the initiative Form-it?

01.11.2008 Two years of Form-it over
Formally the Form-it project ended yesterday. But as we mentioned in our future research questions there is still a lot to do. The constorium will continue to disseminate the idea of Research adn Education Cooperations because we think this approach will support the society on their way to sustainability.

30.10.2008 Practical Guidelines and Policy Recommendations available for download
Based on the experiencens within two years of Form-it the cosnortium elaborated guidelines and recommendations for those who want to work in a REC or have the capabilities to create the framework for REC. The reports are now available at the downloadarea. Feel free to order printed versions of the english versions:

14.08.2008 Conference proceedings available for download
The Report to the International Conference "Bridging the Gap between Research and Science Education" is now available at the downloadarea. All participants will receive a printed version by regular mail.

05.08.2008 Practical Guidelines and Policy Recommendations finished
The Form-it consortium has made the Practical Guidelines and the Policy Recommendations public. The guidelines are adressed to all participants in RECs and those who want to be. Teachers and researchers can use these guidelines a a red line to enhence the quality of their exisitng or planned REC.
On the other hand the recommendations are adressed to groups that have the position to adapt framework conditions of education systems all around the EU. Desicion makers will find information about the conditions required to strenghten REC within the systems.

17.04.2008 REC-Report presented in Lyon
University of Zurich (UZH) presented the Report on REC and the Form-it project at the meeting "Savoirs Scientifiques et enseignements : De la recherche Ó l'enseignement : modelitÚs du partage des savoirs dans led domaine des sciences de la vie et de la Terre 7.-8.04.2008" in Lyon. Some 50 persons (experts in science education (research), scientists, persons carrying out RECs, people involved in teacher education...) disucssed future lines and obstacles promoting RECs.

27.03.2008 Form-it supports French Activities
The french National Institute on Pedagogical Research (INRP) is now involved in a programme of cooperation between research and education. The launched survey will base on the questionnaires elaboretd within Form-it.
The scientific domains of the project in the field of cooperation between research and education concern earth and life sciences and teaching (college and high school). An national surveys both in the direction of researchers and actors in science outreach and also in the direction of teachers is organised.

17.03.2008 Successful Conference
We, the Form-it consortium were glad to welcome approximately 120 Participants from more than 15 countries at our conference "Bridging the Gap between Research and Science Education" in Vienna. The intense discussion and agile networking showed, that the key notes and inputs initiated an exchange throughout all groups of experts. We received a lot of positive feedback and want to say thank you for your appearence.

International Conference 12th-14th of March 2008 in Vienna

now available: the conference programme

At the conference the results of the " Report on Research and Education Cooperations in Europe" and a catalogue of Good Practice Examples of REC are provided for discussion. The conference introduces established cooperation models and new and experimental forms of cooperation. Outstanding projects present their experiences in an interactive exhibition.
The objectives of the conference are to:

  • discuss REC as a new approach in science education and to compare different cooperation models,
  • jointly reflect on quality criteria for different forms of REC,
  • outline strategies about how to implement REC into a modern education and science system on a broader basis and to
  • discuss recommendations for policy makers and stake holders.

See more information in the conference folder and the the conference programme and register online until 29th of February 2008.

26.11.2007 Form-it team meeting Slovenia (AIE)
The team agreed on a list of RECs that will be assembled in the good practcice catalogue. Slovenian school partners attended the working groups and contributed their specific point of view to the discussions.

25.10.2007 Registration for Conference (AIE)
By the beginning of November the registration for the International Conference "Bridging the Gap between Research and Science Education" in Vienna from 12th to 14th of March 2008 will be announced. The exchange will focus on Good practice, main elements, framework conditions and impacts. Register (will open soon)

12.10.2007 Sparkling Science (AIE)
Federal Ministry for Science and Research launches the programme "Sparkling Science". Projects linking research and education will be supported with 3 Mio. Euro per year between 2007 and 2017.

18.09.2007 Form-it team meeting in Italy (AIE)
After having collected more than 150 exapmles of RECs the main task in Frascati was to agree upon the meaning of quality and framework conditions for Good Practice Examples. Italian school partners attended the working groups.

25.04.2007 Questionnaire for national survey (AIE)
Form-it will perform national surveys to find and describe Research Education Cooperations (REC). The questionare for the survey has be prepared and is provided in the download area.

31.01.2007 Download area Form-it online (AIE)
The webpage including a download area is online and ready to serve the partners in fullfilling their tasks.

23.01.2007 Form-it cooperates with planned COMENIUS-3 action (AIE)
On a preparation meeting in Budapest participants out of 16 nations continued preparation on a COMENIUS-3 action. Form-it offers cooperation to exhaust thematic synergies.

20.12.2006 Kick-off meeting in Vienna (AIE)
The consortium met between 18th and 19th of December in Vienna to hold the kick-off meeting. The set up of the three working groups was followed by Intense discussions related to the questionare for the national surveys on REC. Also two associated schools from Slovenia and Austria followed the invitation of the consortium.

02.11.2006 Form-it constitutes (AIE)
The official project start of Form-it took place on 1st of November 2006 in Vienna. For two years it will analyse and support Research and Education Cooperations in participating countries and non-european nations as well.